Smart App Not Firing - Can't Remove Either

Does anyone have a solution for this… I’m using the Smart Lights smart app for 2 of my GE/Jasco switches. One is working fine, the other is not firing.

When I try to change the time the smart app runs (the normal work around), I’m getting a message saying “failed to save page”.

When I try to remove the smart app all-together, message says “An unexpected error occurred”.

I’m stuck right now and can’t make any changes… Obviously no response from support, so hopefully someone here has some insight.


No guarantees, but you may be able to delete it from the IDE.

  1. My Locations > List SmartApps
  2. Click/tap the Edit text link (beneath the graphic)
  3. Scroll down to the Smart Lighting rule you’re having trouble with
  4. Click/tap Uninstall
  5. If successful, click/tap Done (at top of page)



If this does not work for you, contact support. I had the same issue and it took a while, something like 3 weeks and several emails, to finally get a engineer involved to delete it.

I believe this is caused, incredibly, by problems with the SmartThings scheduler. The “remove / uninstall” has to clear out the schedules; and thus, it is failing for the same reason new jobs aren’t (weren’t) being scheduled.

Weird side effect, but hopefully true because the schedule fix will also fix this issue.