Smart Lighting Can't Delete an Automation

Hoping the community can help me with this one, can’t find this exact issue anywhere.

I created a Lighting Automation in Smart Lighting App. Fine, it worked but I realised I would get a better effect from a Hue(re)Connect trigger so I went to delete the Automation rule. I deleted the two bulbs in the automation but when I went to delete the automation itself, the app crashed (android, no surprise there).

I came back through the menus to ensure it had been deleted but the automation is still listed, and if I try to delete it I get the infamous “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation”. So the automation is still working, but I can’t get at it to edit or delete it.

Nothing in the IDE seems obvious to fix this. I really don’t want to delete all my Smart Lighting automations, delete the app and reinstall as that would be a few evenings of work!

(And while I am on it, why does the UK version of SmartThings still spell “authorized” the American way?) :wink:

Sounds like it’s preference page is trying to access the devices but since you deleted them, it’s throwing the “infamous” error since it can’t read a property from a null object.

Try re-adding the devices, deleting the automation, then re-delete your devices.

Sounds like the SmartApp could use some Elvis Operator’s.

Thanks for the response, unfortunately I can’t even re-add the devices due to the error…can’t take any action at all it seems :frowning:

You can delete it in the IDE.

In the IDE, go to My Locations / List SmartApps / Edit (upper right corner) / scroll to that automation and Uninstall.

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@bravenel thanks so much! That EDIT button is a little, erm, easy to miss! (Why not a red one like other pages?!)

All fixed, much appreciated!