Philips Hue problem or SmartApp Color Coordinator Problem? Colors not syncing on multiple bulbs

Sorry new to the HA scene. I apologize in advance if this has been discussed in the past but I wasn’t able to find exactly what I’m experiencing.

I have a ceiling light that takes 3 bulbs. I chose the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance starter kit and is using the bridge (a great deal off the Amazon Treasure Truck). I’m using the Color Coordinator SmartApp and used bulb “A” as the “master light” and the other two (bulb “B” and bulb “C”) as the “lights that follow the master settings”.

So when I click on bulb “A” to bring up the options, all three bulbs do what its supposed to do when I change the temperature. Bulb A changes to the correct temp first and then the other two follow suit with a small delay. Works great!

Now when I change the color to lets say to “blue”, bulb “A” changes to blue, bulb “B” and bulb “C” (again after a delay, change to “blue” then change back to a white color, leaving only Bulb “A” as blue. I could set each bulb’s color independently, but that defeats the purpose of the color coordinator.

Is this a smartapp problem? A Hue problem? Just want to know who I could contact to try and get this sorted out.

Anyone else experience this?

I have a few rooms with Hue lights in them…but I don’t use them in the same way you’re doing it. I just use the Hue app and I set the bulbs up into “rooms”.

For example: I have 5 of these bulbs in the light fixture in my dining room. They are all in the “room” Dining Room in the Hue app. Then when I want to control them I bring up the hue app and select the Dining Room and modify the settings I want that way. It changes all the lights at once. I don’t modify the lights individually.

Truthfully I’m mostly using the Echo to change the lights to different scenes…but the Echo works very well by grouping the lights into rooms as well.

I have a similar issue with Color Coordinator and Hive color bulbs. On/off works but colour doesn’t sync at all for me. I change A and it doesn’t change B.

I would be willing to bet this is a SmartApp issue by itself.

You could try a couple of different things to test the theory:

  1. Take Color Coordinator completely out of the equation.
  2. Create a couple of Scenes in ST, one that sets those 3 lights to blue and appropriate brightness,and another Scene that sets the 3 bulbs to a default white color and brightness.
  3. Create a couple of different Routines that sets the scenes. One for Blue and one for setting back to White

Test and make sure that all lights react appropriately.

The other route you can take and would be my recommendation is to do everything with WebCoRE. You can define Pistons with as many different qualifications to set the stage for your lighting, including the color and brightness, additional random changing of colors, how long the scene runs for, automate based on Modes, armed / disarmed, day / night, yada yada yada.

I would perform the first test first as this is a very quick and dirty set of instructions to quickly setup and test so that you can rule out ST being the issue with your bulbs. And after that, delve down the world of webCoRE, where your rules are unlimited.

I’m a big fan of webCoRE myself. I use it for just all my routines now. I totally took every Routine that I had out of the ST app and put it into webCoRE. However, I do have Scenes in the Hue app and I don’t think wC can see any of them. You are right that you can absolutely define in wC everything that you want to do…but I think if you’ve already done work in the Hue app then you have to get another program/app/extension to integrate the two. I think it’s a replacement for the Hue app…but not positive.

But f your’e starting from scratch then you absolutely can build your own scenes (and quite a bit more) using wC. It’s quite powerful.

I was talking about creating Scenes in the ST Mobile app and setting those with a Routine for testing. Not scenes from the Hue app natively.

Same exact issue with Lightify bulbs. It used to work (most of the time) but now it never works. The “follow” lights briefly flash the correct color and then just turn white. Have tried removing and re-adding the app…no luck.