Smartapps still running after deletion?

Hi all.

I had a smartapp for turning on and off my hues based on motion from an Aeonlabs multi. The smart app was called Smart Nightlight.

Due to the fact the cats would trigger the smart app at night, plus it would usually only turn off a few of the lights it was supposed to; I went ahead and deleted the smart app using my phone app.

Unfortunately for some reason after 30 minutes the deleted smart app still runs and shuts off some of my lamps.

I can find no reference to apps that use my living room bulbs and I don’t know why they are turning off.

I have rebooted the smartthings.
Any suggestions?


Yeesh! Sorry you’re experiencing that! We’d like to also know what’s causing that. Could you please contact support, if you haven’t already, so we can see exactly what’s going on, and we can figure this out together :). If you have already contacted support, PM me your ticket number : I’ll have them take a look.


Let me file a ticket and see where it goes!

Awesome. Keep me updated! <3

Did you run/test/simulate the app in the IDE and forget to uninstall from ide? It maybe running there still.

No, I don’t actually have any smart apps in the IDE at all!