iOS 1.7.2 is slow slow slow

This version takes a painfully long time to update device status for me on my iPhone 6+. When I launch any of the dashboards, eg. Lights & Switches, Doors & Locks, Things, etc., I look at a spinning wheel for 15-30 secs. After pressing any of the Lights shortcuts, they say “Turning off” for several seconds before the lights turn off, if at all, as sometimes bulbs are left on. My wife has the iPhone 6 and her presence detector is less reliable now than it had been. It still works most of the time, but I’ve noticed a failure to detect her phone periodically that never happened before.

This has been the worst app version so far for me in terms of responsiveness and the first version to give me any problems with iPhone presence detection which worked perfectly for me until now.

On the plus side, all the Hello Home activities seem to fire properly for the first time.


I’ve also noticed my hub takes longer to turn things on. When a scheduled event turns on several lights it used to turn them all on within about a second. Now the seem to tun on systematically over the course of several seconds.

Well, in the last 24-48 hours things have improved. Faster responsiveness, and everything is firing properly. Even the HUE and GE LINK light control is better than I’ve seen it. Don’t want to jinx anything, but …

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Is any thing being done on this? Still really slow!

Still slow. is anyone listening?

On planet earth? Or Mars? At least not in NY/NJ area, buddy! We have given up hope. :wink:

1.7.2 is no longer current, closing thread.