SmartApp Slowness

I have some switches set up using the “Big Switch” SmartApp. When I first set them up, it would take 2-5 seconds for the secondary lights to turn on or off, but lately it’s been 15-20, sometimes even 30.

I set up a couple of smoke alarms and tried to use the “blink lights when smoke is detected” smart app. The results were comical. Lights blinked on, then off 30 seconds later, then on again after a minute or two. There were lights left in half-dimmed states too.

I understand that this is taking at least one round-trip to the SmartThings servers, but 30 seconds? Internet latency should be in the tens of milliseconds, even if I’m generous and give it 300ms, a round trip should happen in a second.

And what exactly is the hub ping tool reporting? The hub responded 5.325 seconds ago. Is that latency through the Internet + SmartThings servers? That’s pretty horrible if so. 5 seconds?

When it works, I really love the product. It does almost everything I want. But I’ve grown increasingly unhappy the more devices I’ve added and the more SmartApps I’ve tried to use.

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Welcome to SmartThings. Hopefully they can address this going forward, but for now, it is what it is.

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