Slow notifications and more

I all,

After one year with Smartthings I must say it has been fun and the device had been really stable, no problem at all if you don’t count minor things.

Like why has the notifications the last month been slow, the app has been slower, does anybody knows why!?

“The notifications are slow from Automations done with Smartthings, and from the Smart App ‘Super Notifier’. The hub has been restarted and updated lately”.

One thing that scares with Smartthings is the non backup situations, it will be hard to redo everything if somethings happen. Does anybody have a nice little trick to do a backup I will be more at peace :facepunch:t2:

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I have noticed since the past few months things have been a bit slow, in the dining room 4 lamps turn on one by one where as before in one go. One of the 2 bedroom lamps stays on, one turns off when i use the dimmer switch and so on. It thought it was just my system :confused:

As a new convert from the Wink ecosystem, I found this to be my case also.
Automations take about 10 minutes to trigger. Notifications, triggering of lights, everything. I created an automation that turns on my entryway lights and sends me a notification when the deadbolt is unlocked. Today, I set up a multicolored bulb in the living room and started tying it into various devices to turn the bulb on with different colors and intensities, but only for a 1 minute before turning off. When they trigger, instead of turning off after one minute, they turn off after about 10 seconds. In-app button presses have gone from instant results to about a three second delay.

I second the need for a config export for backup/restore.