Android Smartthings classic slow notifications

Hello everyone,
been using smartthings for a few years now and love it. Recently my notifications on the android app are taking a long time to show up.
I have a motion sensor and the app is programmed to notify me when its triggered, and some of my gates have sensors with same function. Before i would get the notification on my Galaxy s9 almost instantly but now it takes sometimes from a few seconds up to a few minutes with no way of knowing why it took so long.
I dont know if the app is the issue, my phone is the issue or the smartthings push notification has been affected.
Has anyone else experienced this lately?
please help me figure this out if possible.
I am using smartthings classic app on a samsung galaxy s9. And i have added the smartthings app to the " unmonitored apps " section to make sure my phone doesnt put the app to deep sleep or something.
How can i diagnose this?

I am having the same problem. In doing some experimenting, I enabled notifications on both the Classic and the new Connect app. The new app was consistently faster getting the notifications

thats good to know, i will give that a try as well.
thanks for sharing.

I t seems after I made the above remark, the new app notifications slowed way down. Been waiting an hour for one this morning.

Its a hit and miss, sometimes i get notifications back to back within seconds of the motion or event trigger and sometimes i get them 10 to 20 minutes later.

I’ve noticed slower notifications as well with my garage door when open/close.

I am thinking this is a Samsung phone issue rather then the app. I Never had these issues until i upgraded to the s9. I just again triggered a sensor on my gate and my phone made no sound but as soon as i turned on the display of my phone to use the flashlight i got the notification from smartthings app regarding my gate being opened.

What is the root cause of this behavior? Most of the time I instantly get notification from Smartthings. Sometimes it takes 10min - 60min to get notification and time can be shortened if I turn phones display on. I’m using Honor9. Do you really think that this is phone related thing and not Smartthings. All the settings are done correctly in Honor. There’s no any battery savers and St has full permissions to show messages in Android. I’m guessing that St app somehow causes this and it has nothing to do with st hub or phone that I’m using.

You might be right.
This might be a smart things app issue instead of phone issue.
I used to be able to count on the app to deliver on time notifications, this helped me for example to watch my security cameras if smart things notified me that my gate is open. But now it’s basically useless system.

I haven’t gotten a push notification from ST for 2 days now. They come in on my wife’s phone in a timely manner. But not on mine. I’ve checked all the settings, notification wise, battery wise, etc. Turned things off/on. Nothing works. So don’t know what is happening there. I still get push notifications from other apps, so it must be an ST problem for sure.

I’m going to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that helps.
I’ll post back if there is any change in performance.

Ok just tested reinstalling the app has no effect on it.
I triggered a notification, waited like 4 min no notification, as soon as i turned my device screen on i got the notification.
I cant figure out whats causing this.
if anyone can chime in that would be awesome.

I have a dream… I have a dream that someday we would see comments from ST folks about issues that we are facing. Though I’m already 37y old and I’m afraid that it’s not going to happen in my lifetime.


I am having the same problem with delayed notifications from my lock. This is really annoying. Sometimes I get the notification the door is unlocked 10 minutes later. Wish ST would get this figured out.

37!!! Shoot I got kids older than you. I’m pretty sure I’ll never see it…:slight_smile:

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Can u guys post what device your using and what notification is getting a delay? or is it all notifications ?
maybe we can do our own troubleshooting and figure this out.

I use an Android, V8. It kinda comes and goes as to whether I get the push notifications. They may work for a day or so and then quit. Same on my wifes phone. I have all the critical ones set to also send text. That is working fine.

Diddn’t use to have this proble. I get push notifications from other apps just fine. So it would seem its a ST Problem.

S8 plus, classic app on TMobile network. My delays started right around when tmobile did an OS update. I used to get notifications as soon as I crossed my geofence. But now I get them pretty much whenever the phone feels like it wants to send them through. Although the app itself seems to log and timestamp in real time (when I compare activity feed to notifications), I’m still not happy about this and want it back to how it used to be.

I have magimirror with actiontiles on my wall and today I once again got message from smartthings after I turned phones display on. What I noticed is that when phones display was on and I got message about mobile presence (kid came home) at the same time mobile presence changed in actiontiles too.

So that makes me wonder… it’s possible that smartthings hub doesn’t push messages until some time period or when one of the devices asks it. Though…there is tiny tiny change that message really came that time so I have to test more and see if that’s not the case.

It has become so unreliable that at this point im thinking of turning off the notifications as they are pretty much useless. I wish we could figure out the cause and roll back the app to a previous state or find out if its android OS version related or something. Unfortunately @this point we dont have enough data to conclude what is the cause, i hope as more people chime in and give details we can construct what might be the issue.

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