Issues with slow device status update in App

I have no idea how or when the issue begane, but for about a month now I have experienced several issues with my smartthings and reinstaling devices or hub doesnt fix it.

Its mostly related to slow device status update not synching. When I turn a light on there is a really big delay from when I click the icon to where the light turns on, and sometimes the light will turn on but the inapp icon shows as off and soforth.

I also have the above mentioned issue affetcing my security. When I arrive home the system is supposed to turn off when my geo location is within the 150M region as well as door sensor register its being opened. But many times now the alarm doesnt disengage Automatically and it starts sending many, many notifications to my phone because it registered an intruder. And when I try to disengage the alarm it doesnt do so immediately or there is a delay or at worts, it doesnt at all so I have to take the battery out from my “lynch pin” sensor to forcefully stop it.

Its getting really annoying and ive been trying to fix this for days.

Anyone perhaps experienced similar and knows a solution or something.

I use Phllips Hub and lightbulps in most of my lights except the kitchen where I use Ikea kabinet lights.

Just my 1p cts.
If you check your Samsung account
And select devices, they look OK? The list should arrive instantaneously

Were you able to resolve your issue? I seem to have a similar issue.