Slack channel for community discussions


Wondering is there is a slack channel for these community discussions? Or if there is an interest in creating one?

(Jody) #2

We have one for developer centric discussions if you are interested and I can invite you.


yes please and thanks.

I am also looking for non-developer, end user community channel, much like this board here. Just curious as I (and others I am sure) are moving more and more towards slack type of platform for communications and collaborations.

(Ryan Bunworth) #4

Could i get an invite to the slack group too, thanks

(Anthony S.) #5

Hi Jody… I know you have a lot going on… Could you please send me an invite to the dev slack?




(Anthony S.) #7

thanks for the lightning response;)

(Ben W) #8

Can I get access too?


(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #9

Me too? :wink:

(Eric) #10

Can I have access?




@desertblade @N8XD @E_Sch


(Jason) #12

Can I have access as well?

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #13

Would appreciate being set me up too.


(Neil Cherry) #14

Me too please (I feel like I’m back on AOL).

(Dave Frankel) #15

@tyler can i have access too?

(Sean Pomeroy) #16

@Tyler me as well?

(Mike Elser) #17

@Tyler @jody.albritton Can you please add me as well to the channel?

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #18

@tyler @jody.albritton

Guys - this community post way to get an invite doesn’t work - at least it didn’t for my request above back in April - I even sent @jody.albritton a PM and got no reply to that either.

I took it as being just par for the course given the way the company was neglecting developers and so it made my decision to not invest my time on ST development much easier.

(Jody) #19

Invited those of you who just asked @xAPPO @macmedia

( I hate Mondays) #20

Hi @jody.albritton, @Tyler, can I please get an invitation as well?

Thank you,