Hello I'm @gausnes, how can I help

Hello ST Community,

I’m a server side developer here at ST. I have only been with SmartThings since the beginning of the summer, a considerable amount of that time has been devoted to ramping up and getting familiar with the technologies used here. Throughout this period I have also been lurking on this forum as well as /r/smartthings. Its an interesting experience to have consumer of your product it know more intimately than you do, which has been a primary deterrent with being vocally active in threads. The last thing I want to do is say something incorrect and make ST employees look poorly.

At the same time I have access to different information that the average consumer does by being an employee for ST. There was a thread here the other week which I commented in asking if “SmartThings development was dead”. One of the general points was that there has been a lack of communication with the consumers of SmartThings and the developers here at ST. This is not without good reason either, the devs here have a lot on their plates without being active members on the community forum. I mean look at all the complaining about issues and lack of features on this forum.

I would like to help alleviate that frustration. I’m wondering what routinely goals/tasks I can have to improve your quality of your smart life :grin:

TL:DR; How can I help as a developer at SmartThings improve community relations

A little more about me for those who care:

  • This is my second year of being a software engineer
  • My favorite programming language is Scala
  • I am currently learning Elm in my personal time in order to update my brother’s website
  • I have a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in CS
    • I love that IoT combines these two fields
  • My hobbies include: 3D Printing, Snowboarding, Video Gaming, Programming, Motorcycles, Cooking, Beer, Lifting

Isn’t Elm an email reader?


Welcome to the Community! I guess everyone here has their own pet peeve, but the most recurring theme, imo is the lack of local control and limited local processing. If you can make that happen, you’ll be everyone’s hero. :smiley:


Thanks for sticking your head out! This community is a mean machine, I hope we won’t scare you quickly. We are known for building up as fast as we can tear apart someone or something. But that is what sets this community apart.

With that being said. I’d like to welcome you among us. And don’t worry about this:

We are all humans but we have @JDRoberts to always guide us the right way!


Did you pick the short straw? LOL



How can you help:

  • Show us a roadmap for true local processing
  • show us a roadmap for Bluetooth support
  • show us a roadmap for UDP support
  • show us a roadmap that gives ST developers better tools for app deployment
  • show us a roadmap that has a full featured smartthings API
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Welcome! I’ll be nice any let you slide on the 84 things you got wrong already :sunglasses:.

Can you explain your role a little better - especially as to what types of questions the members of this community should direct to you (as opposed to other ST members like @slagle?


Now that the greetings wear off, can you elaborate on this a little. Because all I heard in the past is that ST folks have the same ide tools as we do. What things do you have access to that could help us troubleshoot better?

Welcome to the nightmare! Lol!

Well, You could improve my life by… Well… Make CoRE run local.


I think those questions only Alex can answer

Alex? I remember there used to be a guy named Alex on here… But that’s been a while.


I’m apart of the performance and reliability engineering team at SmartThings. So in general I have better insight to general health of our cloud side services as well as what are the primary objective engineering is working which I can’t always share. I don’t think that I should speak about new feature development very much. I would hate to give give false hope for features, which I’m (as a developer) not in control of.

Nope I just wanted to do this :smile:

I can try to get knowledge about the roadmap for those features, I’m not sure what I will be able to share though. I can assure you that I have heard and been apart of discussion about each one of those features, so they are topics of interest with the engineering team here at ST as well. As @csc stated these topics would mostly a couple of levels above me.

With that statement I was mostly alluding to being able to speak to the developers that work on those features/software. Logging and metrics also can be pretty helpful too


Tread carefully. :snake:


Its a functional language that compiles into javascript. I like functional languages, so I’m doing something in my personal time I try to pick languages I like :stuck_out_tongue:



Ahhh, a masochist.


Probably before your time. :slight_smile:


Way before his time, Glenn!!! :yum:


Welcome, Luke! Looking forward to your contributions :smile:

Question: how much of your day is allocated to this task? Hopefully we won’t take it all!

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hey, good luck…

Could you check into the status of the following:

Local network full stack access?

extended chars able to send in local hubaction

ability to parse non html/json/xml responses on local hubaction

htmlTile docs?

html interfaces?

dynamically create / hide / add tiles in UI

broken android tile font rendering for many tile x,y sizes

Lack of email alerts

inability to send mms alerts

status of contact book?

status of hub alerts for those that have contact book, low battery, hub offline are all broken if contact book is enabled.

github integration issues slowing down ide

missing web application, aka web dashboard or web client (promised 2+ years ago)

broken hue integration, no groups, scenes, etc.

broken sonos integration, no playlists, no grouping, etc.

no ability to show a list of information in tiles

Migration tool status

UK github integration, will it ever happen?

local device types and/or smartapp execution?

smartapp marketplace for community devs?

hub offline notifications in mobile app are buried and not obvious

video streaming documentation / support for more cameras?

I am sure there are more… This post from 2014 should cover most of it…


Wow… way to welcome the rookie, Patrick… :rolling_eyes:

Due respect to Luke and his enthusiasm; let’s just say … I’ve been in his position and optimistic attitude and it ironically comes with a lot of risks. We are not obligated to make this any easier – but we could try.

As for @gausnes: My unsolicited and hypocritical advice; spend a lot more time listening rather that posting; even if your posts are extremely well intentioned. Even better … don’t post publicly at all. Just use Private Messages and establish relationships with a few favorite Community members.