Slack channel for community discussions


You should have received an invite already. Let me know if you haven’t

( I hate Mondays) #22

Thank you, I missed that email, yesterday… thank you

(Jared) #23

A little late to the crowd but I just pulled my SmartThings V2 hub out of the box yesterday after having it sit here since pre-ordering. It seemed like a good labor day weekend project to play around with development so it would be nice to pop in to the Slack channel :slight_smile:

The email associated with my slack account is my first name @ my first and last name .com


(Kbens) #24

Hello! Can I get an invite? Thanks

(Brandon Lynch) #25

Can I get an invite?

(Patrick Mjoen) #26

I was suggested to get an invite to this dev slack by @Benji

(Benji) #27

Should be getting an invite! :slight_smile:

(Zakaria Mohamed) #28

Can I get an invite please? Thanks.

(Chandler Newby) #29

@jody.albritton @Tyler
I’d love to get an invite.

(Quazie Kwaselow) #30

I’d love an invite myself

(Frédéric Kerneuzet) #31

I would love to be part of this Slack team, could you invite me please @jody.albritton ?

(Josh) #32

Would love to join the crowd too… Got many dev questions since I’m new to the ST ecosystem… Slack would be great…


(Jody) #33

Just caught everyone up on invites. @JoshuaCurtiss @dagda44

(Ertan Deniz) #34

I’d like to get an invite. Thanks

(Cr76) #35

Can I get an invite too? Please


Done and done

(David) #37

I’d like to get an invite too. Thanks

(Colin Weir) #38

And me please :slight_smile:


hi working on bots to work with smartthings, can you please add me?

(Jody) #40

@ponyboy I just invited you to the slack channel.