Invitation ST rest api doesnot work

I am facing a strange issue the below rest end point for invitation. It is not working. It returns 403 forbidden.
My access token has r/w access for invitations.

However other end points like devices ( works fine.
Does anyone tried this end point before and succeeded?

The endpoint doesn’t seem to be documented yet, but as far as I can tell it is actually invites and not invitations, though a 403 rather than a 404 suggests something is there. requires a resource in the query string to identify the particular thing you are interested in the invitations for.{{Invitation ID}} seems to work for specific invitations.

I’ve not encountered .../invitee yet.

Thanks for the response. What should be the value for the query string ‘resource’ that we should pass to get invitation ID ?
can you give some sample ? Tt will be helpful.


where the UUID at the end is the channel ID. That returns a complete list of invitations for that channel. In CLI speak that is like doing smartthings edge:channels:invites --json and selecting a channel. I don’t know if any other sorts of invitations exist yet.

If you do have the CLI installed, you can set the environment variable SMARTTHINGS_DEBUG to true and it will spew up interesting stuff like this.