SkyBell 2.0
This new version is supposed to have a wider lens (my biggest complaint), however a sample image someone posted on an Amazon review looked atrocious. Reviews seem to indicate they still have quality issues (when will they learn).

Still no API and I suspect this is not a priority for them, unfortunately.

This is one of the worst products and customer support i have experienced in a long time.

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Hello Pathduck, I would like to extend an apology your way for your failed experience with Skybell. We are committed to achieving the best customer experience I would like an opportunity to help improve your experience with our product. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience so that I can find a solution to any issues that you have experienced. You can reach me at or you may call me directly at (949)297-6829 -Tanya Day

Hey @Ashwin thanks for the inquiry… We have talked with SmartThings about integration… The decision to integrate is in the hands of SmartThings. Skybell is always looking for ways to make a smarter home. :wink:

@TECHgirlSKYBELL How about opening the API so the community can create an interface?

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@TECHgirlSKYBELL, the SmartThings API is pretty open. You don’t need anyone’s permission to add an Unlock Door button to the SkyBell app.

Pathduck, I’m sorry you had that bad experience. I’m glad we were able to make you whole. Always happy to support you again should you want to come back.

Ashwin, I’m a founder of SkyBell. What integrations/behaviors are you interested in most with getting SkyBell on SmartThings? We’re the only video doorbell in Apple’s HomeKit and Comcast Xfinity Home. I’m hear to learn what value we can bring to the SmartThings community.

@beckwith - What behaviors do you want most with a SkyBell integration? I’m a founder of SkyBell and interested in what you want to see. Are you an iOS user? If yes, are you interested in HomeKit or looking for solutions outside of it?

Could you put Unlock Door and Lock Door buttons in the SkyBell app? Those buttons could send a command to a Z-Wave lock through the SmartThings API.


Expose door bell press and motion detection events to SmartThings.

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Those are definitely the events people want most. What outcomes do you want to do with those events?

Our experience with skybell are the same. Worst company I have ever dealt with by a long shot. Skybell is never the problem, its always your setup (their reasons chance randomly) Stay away from them.


SkyBellAndrew why don’t you guys focus on actually getting a product that works and looking after existing customers. Pathduck’s experiences are typical of a LOT of folks. Just google if you have a wk or two to read experiences. These are typical of mine btw. I have been yanked around by you guys with all sorts of inane suggestions. Its always not skybell issue. As a tech savvy person and someone people rely on for advice. I can assure you, that skybell is NOT looking good.

btw. Business 101 suggests you look after existing customers rather than going after new (its MUCH CHEAPER and more profitable)


I wished it wasn’t so, but I have to agree with you. I was rooting for this company and really wanted them to succeed. But the actual product was a complete waste of money and time. The support I received was horrendous.

The New SkyBell HD is here and our new IFTTT Channel has launched.

With SkyBell HD, you can start, view and record live video from the SkyBell HD at any time. You can do it from the app or any of the IFTTT/SmartThings devices can trigger SkyBell HD to turn on and start recording.

SkyBell HD also records when the motion sensor is triggered, even if you don’t answer it.

SkyBell HD is the same size as SkyBell 2.0, yet is a major improvement across the board.

Some other nice things about SkyBell HD:
–Full color night vision
–Free cloud recording and activity history so you can watch video later
–Up to 1080p camera without the fishbowl or periscope effect
–Made in the USA
–You can turn off your indoor chime from ringing (good for quiet time, sleeping babies and napping dogs!)
–On-demand video
–New Wi-Fi chip for faster performance and B/G/N support
– You can customize the color of the LED button
– Works with Nest

@SkyBellAndrew Did you implement the API features requested yet? What we want in the SmartThings community is the ability to pipe in events for motion and ringing into smartthings (trigger things like turning on/up exterior lights through our automation smartapps), as well as the ability to issue smartthings commands from the SkyBell app (unlock the door mainly).

If you haven’t implemented these, I continue to purchase no smart doorbell. IFTT is not good enough. SmartThings has a very open API and it’s not in their hands as stated earlier in the thread. It’s in your hands. They have a very open OAuth HTTP API.

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I saw the Skybell 2.0 on sale at Woot today and was really tempted to buy one. Unfortunately after searching here on the ST forums, it seems like this is not a good fit due to the lack of an open API. For the time being, I am integrating a UBNT camera with my Aeon Labs doorbell.

Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out. We understand the desire for an open API. We are excited to work toward a ST release, in addition to the other partners we’ll be working with in 2016. I can’t touch on the APIs too much, yet I’ll say that unfortunately things aren’t always as easy as you’ve stated here.

After preventing another couple of break-ins this last week, we’re excited to continue reaching a broad market of users (including early adopters) who all want the security and convenience that SkyBell HD provides.

@SkyBellAndrew That’s all well and good, but the marketing speak won’t make up for lack of integration here. Nobody in the SmartThings community is demanding you integrate with SmartThings. There are plenty of smart people here who can use an open API to create SmartApps for SmartThings by consuming an open API.

If you do a SmartThings specific integration that’s great too. But, I think it’s clear that people in this forum are tired of silos where we can only access certain things in certain apps. We want our whole home to work together as a cohesive unit.

Here’s hoping you can solve the doorbell sized hole in my needs. I’m pretty tempted to go the route @myeyestheyburn mentioned: camera + z-wave doorbell. Additionally, KUNA looks pretty great too, but they have the same limitations where they don’t have an open API.