Skybell IFTTT Not Reliable

I have a SkyBell and a Dome z-wave door chime. I setup an IFTTT template to run an event when the SkyBell button is pressed so I can trigger the chime. However, about 1/3 of the time it doesn’t work. Actually, it seems that it doesn’t even make it to IFTTT because they provide a log and when the Dome isn’t triggered I don’t see that the IFTTT applet got triggered. Does anybody have a similar experience? The SkyBell is about 20ft away from the access point. It has to go through about 4 walls but that really shouldn’t be a problem, especially since it only works on 2.4GHz anyways.

I have had similar issues with my ring boorbell and IFTTT integration. Luckily ST works natively with Skybell so there is no need for IFTTT. I would recommend Core or Webcore to setup the automation.


Thanks for the response. I actually don’t have SmartThings but ended up here because neither SkyBell nor IFTTT have a forum (so lame). SmartThings seemed did seem to be the best place to ask based on my google search. So unfortunately, I am stuck using IFTTT. Do you know if the problem is on the IFTTT side or if SkyBell just did a bad/unreliable implementation? It appears to be the latter because I don’t really have such issues with other IFTTT items.

So how are you using a zwave door bell? Don’t answer that, smartthings works… spend the money to make your life easiest.