Just pre-ordered one of these. Really cool. Sure would be awesome if it integrated with SmartThings. It’s got a motion sensor, camera (with night vision), button, led indicator, speaker, and microphone. All of these would make great inputs/outputs for SmartThings.

Yes. I ordered one as well.

That sounds great, though I will have to keep wishing for a simple zigbee/z-wave doorbell that can just run off of a battery. Perhaps some day I’ll get around to making my own.

Speaking of indiegogo, I got one of these:

Like the iDoorCam, they are kind of sketchy about integration with SmartThings, but I figure that as a fallback I can use it as a baby monitor. Or at least use it to demonstrate to my wife how silly a video baby monitor is…

I, too, pre-ordered an idoorcam. I didn’t assume I’d have any integration with SmartThings software because when the doorbell rings you have maybe 10 seconds to open the app and start talking or the visitor may have walked away, so it really needs a very quick app of its own that ready to leap into use instantly.

Che k on Alibaba. They have some video intercoms with z-wave modules.

I should have been more specific. I have a superb HD PoE dome camera with an insane wide angle (fixed focal length) lens and unbelievable low light performance (the camera inexplicably is not IR sensitive) that has motion sensing built in. Although I use Blue Iris to control my cameras and you can’t beat their motion detection, the camera has a motion trigger output (there’s like 12 wires coming out of the thing). It’s just begging for me to attach a ZigBee to the motion trigger. That would automate turning on some exterior floodlights upon motion detection and get a better image than what I have when the camera goes B&W in “night mode”. The camera (dome) is really small and with the wide angle and 2 way audio built in, it would make a great door cam. PoE make installation easy.

You might be able to do something like that with the smartthings adrduino shield. One problem you may run into with that setup though is the camera getting blinded by light for a few seconds. When it is in low light mode and gets hit with bright light it takes a second or two to adjust the picture and depending on the area you are monitoring, the object that triggered the motion may be gone by the time the camera adjusts.

What POE camera model are you using?

It’s a Dahua IPC-HDB3200C.