Skybell HD

SkyBell’s latest incarnation SkyBell HD seems available now but not yet on Amazon:

According to their Facebook page they have a discount for existing customers:

Effective February 1st, existing SkyBell 1.0 and 2.0 customers can receive $40 off a new SkyBell HD. Please contact our customer service team by sending an email to for more details

And their Android app releases today.

In another post, @SkyBellAndrew indicated a SmartThings interface some time this year.

However, since it is not available on Amazon yet, it is hard to get first hand reviews.

Anyone have first hand experience with this unit yet.

Red flag: “Currently compatible only with iOS mobile devices.”

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They released a Android app on Feb 1st

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RED FLAG: look at their reviews on amazon about the company and their staff, before even thinking about purchasing from this company.

Is the Skybell HD integrated in Smartthings?

We’ve come along way from v2. The SkyBell HD is a superb product and platform. That’s been confirmed as we’re partnered or working with Nest, Comcast, Apple HomeKit, Honeywell,, Monitronics and IControl. We’ve brought customer service in-house and are thrilled with the response around HD. We hope you’ll give it a try. If not, we hope you’re happy with the product that works best for you.

We will be very soon. And because our Wi-Fi never turns off, like other doorbells, you can have trigger and actions.

Looking forward to this integration as my Skybell HD is working like a charm…

What does the night time color look like? Can you post a screen shot?

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Glad to hear it!

That’s a real shot from SkyBell HD’s night vision. Full color night vision, even with no lighting. Full screen HD video with no periscope effect, no fisheye and no blind spots.

Reviews are for v2. The SkyBell HD has tremendous reviews and was just named as the best connected doorbell by CNET. We also work with the best companies in the world, including, Honeywell, Comcast, Nest, Amazon and more.

We’re very confident that SkyBell HD customers will be extremely satisfied with the product and our in-house customer service team.

Agreed, it looks impressive.

Does the LED light go on in this situation or does it stay off? In other words is it stealthy or obvious?

The LED light remains on while recording. While not recording, you can change the color of the LED, the intensity of the LED and even turn it off if you’d like.

Our API partners can also do all those things.

I went for the $60.00 discount for existing customers and received my SkyBell HD today.

After installing SkyBell to its base, it wasn’t consistently getting power until I pushed on it. SkyBell was not close enough to the base to make electrical contact. I tried snugging up the set screw, but since it is plastic, the head got stripped out. The supplied screw driver has a square handle making it difficult to get the correct angle. I had to use pointed nose pliers to reverse it out. I removed it from the base and bent the electrical contacts out a little for a consistent connection. Luckily it comes with a spare set screw (I assume this is a common issue) and I used my own screw driver with a rounded handle and got it back up. The bottom protrudes a fraction more than the top however. I don’t think this affects its functioning but it looks sloppy.

When I tried to set it up with the phone app, unfortunately, it keeps failing at the registration stage which is the last of five steps. I’ve retried it about five times before giving up.

I posted a ticket with SkyBell support and hopefully they have a solution but sounds like I won’t get one till tomorrow.

Right now it is flashing orange.

I’ll tell the team to reach out to you tomorrow.

There’s only one account registration page, so it shouldn’t be 5 pages. The syncing process is 5 steps, and does require that you have a 2.4ghz network with enough range to cover the front door.

The support team will help you troubleshoot your router and the Wi-Fi. Orange means you have enough power but no Wi-Fi connection.

What name do you provide so they can search the database for your ticket?

I bought the first version for a friend. I wonder if I can get the HD for myself with the discount :slight_smile: @SkyBellAndrew

I don’t believe so, but ask our customers service:

CNET just named SkyBell HD as the best smart doorbell in the market: