Sinope Zigbee thermostat- ST hub v3 2018

Hello ,
I was wondering if the Sinope Zigbee thermostats work with the new SmartThings Hub 2018 v3

If so how do you the Sinope device handler into the hub or app. ( non classic) I was able to add the device handler to my account.

I installed both new and classic apps

I cannot get it paired.

any help

with the V3 hub and new app, you have to pick a device from the list manually and then acknowledge the security warning before the hub will go into general inclusion mode. you can tell it is in pairing mode when the green led is flashing on the hub.

So you just pick a generic zigbee device and when it is adding it finds the Sinope.
The sinope is not listed.

correct. pick any zigbee device except for the new SmartThings sensors.

it works.
However I can see the device in the new app but it can’t control it. In the classic app I can control.
I wonder why that is?

Thanks for your help and knowledge

custom device handlers don’t work with the new app unless the developer adds a couple pieces of code.

You speaking of the Smarthings app developer or ?

the device handler developer

since done by sinope then Sinope developers.

Is there some help here on what to add to the code to make it work with the non - classic app?

thanks, you are on top of things…

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Hey I have another question ,
The Sinope is capable of showing the current time.
The ones I am installing for a customer do not show the time.

Do you know if this is a function of the code and the Hub 3 or something else not set correctly?

not sure. I’ve never used a Sinope and a clock isn’t a “normal” thermostat option in SmartThings.

Hello ,
I have a urgent problem. I have a customer that I have previously added Sinope Zigbee thermostats to.
I have added some more yesterday and they wont pair. I look at the logs and the logs state
" 2019-02-20 6:34:20.380 AM PST
moments ago
HUB zwStatus include search Z-Wave include search started"

i chose manual include device and then chose a GE smart Dimmer Zigbee. The device handler has been installed and working fine with the previous installed thermostat.

was there a update or something. Am i doing something wrong.
Please help , I need to finish up.


Have you tried running a general device exclusion on the devices? Are you using the Classic app or STSC?

I have a few of those thermostats with a hub v3. I followed the instructions from the Sinope website with the Device Handlers posted there and everything works great. You need to use the Classic app.

The time and exterior temp stopped working a few days ago because of the Wunderground Weather API, but they’ve fixed this today. I’m yet to test the fix.