Adding Sinope TH1300ZB to Smarthings v3

I have one of these floor heaters working on the network for years already, plus 5 of their baseboard heaters. I’m trying to finally add the last two floor heaters and it is very frustrating. I’m going to add devices, the hub goes into inclusion mode, the thermostat does the network blinking thing, and then the thermostat says its connected to a network. It’s not connected mine though, and the hub is right next to it. This is what happens on both the new thermostats I added. Is there anyway to determine what network these thermostats are connecting to? I tried using both scan for nearby devices, and by brand. All with identical results. I had both my neighbors completely unplug their internet/networks, still nothing. :frowning:

Edit: I should also add that I tried repairing the network and excluding devices. No issues/devices found on either.