Sinope and latest Neviweb - no longer working with Smartthings

Recently Sinope have revamped their website (Neviweb) and the smartthings functionality that was there before is no longer working.

Any chance someone has fixed this for the new API? Sinope did confirm that this has been broken and they devs will “fix things” but I’m not holding my breath here.

Would appreciate any help to get the temps to show in the home tiles on smartthings again.


Mine went down a few days ago to after the API change. You probably have the original version with the gateway. They make a version that directly supports ZigBee, so I’m not sure if Sinope will expedite a fix for this. I’ve already started looking into Stelpro ZigBee model.

Yeah, I know they have the thermostats with ZigBee but I have 4 that don’t support that, it’s their own type that need the gateway - the gateway through the web is still working, but the API has obviously changed, so hopefully they will fix it.

They released a new version of the device handler and a new app.

Everything is working again!

Can you please be more specific? My thermostats are still all showing 0 degrees (not workin) in smarthings app. Is this public, I can’t find anything about it…



More info on github.

here’s what I did on my phone after installing the device handlers and app in the Smartthings dashboard.

In your Smarthings classic app, you need to add the Sinope SmartApp (Automation/Smartapps). Select your lights and thermostats so the app knows what to control. Then, you need to enter your email and password, the one you use to login into the neviweb dashboard.

In your Things, if you choose one of your thermostats, you need to enter the name of your neviweb location. It’s the name you gave your network in you neviweb dashboard (at the top on the right side). Then, enter the name of your thermostat (the one that appears in your neviweb dashboard),

Hit the refresh bouton on your phone, you should see the temperature.

Let me know if this helps.


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I followed the instructions from the GitHub and used the ST Classic app to get it reconnected. Everything works fine from within the Classic App but when I try viewing it with the New ST App it say “A network or server error occurred”. Just wondering if its the same with you guys?

Not a deal breaker but just curious why the settings aren’t transferred to the New app if the SmartThings IDE is the same.

FYI… Sinope Technologies integration was added to the new ST app today for thermostat, valves, water leak sensors and switches/dimmers.

@gnault, I was able to get it to work again with the bad/minimal instructions on GitHub .

However, it’s now showing 2 decimal point ls in the temperature which is weird and not necessary, and also the temperature doesn’t refresh when I add a thermostat to my favorites. I need to click on it, then hit refresh.

Pretty poor integration and pointless to add to favorites as it doesn’t show current temp.

@teredactle, I’m still not able to get it working, followed all the GitHub directions as best I could. Did you have to remove the devices in the classic app and re-add them? I tried adding a new device but it just shows 0 degrees.

I have two thermostats and one shows 0 degrees and the other shows “Error Login”.

Can you share any additional steps/details you figured out that got it to finally work?

@gnault , I’ve updated everything and I can see the thermostat temperature in the ST app but I am unable to set/change the thermostat setpoint.

Please advise.

I do not have that problem with my setup. Are you with the classic or new app on your phone? Do you have different names for each of your devices ?

@tombpeterson, sorry baby at home, so little time :slight_smile:
I am using the classic app btw, but had to readd the code through IDE - I would delete the other version of the code (before the neviweb API change), I haven’t yet. Otherwise maybe it will get confusing.
-You only need to add the “handler/smartapp” once, it will be able to work with all the neviweb devices (in my case, 4 thermostats - this wasn’t clear, I was adding it each time)
-you also need to check the names you use in Neviweb, and for each device use that name, as well as the name of your network (when you log in neviweb, it’s at the top right)
-I also believe the instructions are missing steps (i.e. to publish, the 2nd time you add something, I don’t recall)

Overall instructions are very limited/bad, not sure if it’s a language thing, or a very lazy dev; either way I’m glad this was fixed with the new API even though it doesn’t fully work correctly.

i figured out my problem, i had to comment/uncomment lines 14 and 15 for service_app.groovy within the preferences/section block

original file text shown below:
preferences {

section ("Devices to connect") {
	input "switches", "capability.switch", title: "Select your Sinopé Technologies Inc. devices", multiple: true, required: false
	// input "thermostats", "capability.thermostatHeatingSetpoint", title: "Which thermostat?", multiple: true, required: false

this is why my smartthings was treating my thermostats like switches (duh XD)

Thanks @Dorked. This solved my problem as well.