Electric Baseboards: Sinope Integration and Honeywell Integration

I saw a post on Facebook for Sinope that they is looking for “Sinopé Technologies is looking for a Web Developer / Programmer (Front End) and a Web Developer to fill permanent full-time positions.”

If anyone is interested, it would be great see see them integrated with Zigbee etc. I currently use 5 Sinope Baseboard Thermostats and 4 Honeywell Redlink remote Baseboard Thermostats. It would be great to integrate them all, with reporting and advanced features.

I really like the mesh network of the Sinope baseboard thermostats and their web app has some great reporting and analysis feature. We live in an older stucco house with an addition, which provides a built-in faraday cage between the original house and the addition. Sinope very works well repeating the single around the problem through the doorways. I like how Sinope provides reports on approximate power/$$ usage by hour, day, month and also provide. Their support is also very responsive online and by phone…

The Honeywell Redlink remote thermostats are the only remote baseboard thermostats that I could find that converts rotary dial to wireless wall thermostats. They are solid, but they do not have any usage reports/analysis to help save power. As well, Honeywell seems to leave the Redlink Baseboard unit out of their Thermostats lists on most of their website. Not sure why as they work very well. For anyone with rotary dial electric baseboards, in less than 10-20 minutes you have an easy retro for old rotary dial to wifi programmable baseboard. Now Honeywell just needs to realize how good the product is for “this old house renovators”.

All of my electric baseboards are now managed through smartphone with easy schedule changes and overrides. We are able to turn off rooms that we used to forget about.

Next thing I would like to see is an ability to link with motion/heat sensor ( identifying people in a room) to optionally turn on/off the thermostats to set levels.

I have Sinopé Baseboard and infloor heatThermostats integration with Smartthings for more than a year now. Here’s a link to the post and DTH if you are interested.

i am able to integrate using code Sinope thermostats to my smartthings portal, smartthings app can control the thermostats etc. Tried integrating this to Alexa and Alexa seem to be able to set the thermostat settings higher but not able to lower the thermostat settings. Although Alexa says it has set it to so and so temperature, the thermostat never changes settings. So basically you can set temperatures higher than current temps but not lower. Any thoughts on how to enable this skill set ?
via web simulator on smartthings portal i am able to set the temps up and down just fine. Seems to me like Alexa is missing the right api calls to set the temps down.