CaSA device thermostat 240v support by Smartthing?

Do Smartthing supports other types of thermostat as line voltage device (aka 2-wire, high-voltage, 240V) meant for baseboard heaters? That was my question to support group.

It is possible to do it?

Like thermostat CaSA device at


No official support. CaSA has a wifi portal, so if it has an open API it might be possible, but you’d have to ask CaSA first if they allow third party interfaces.

@JDRoberts, @grimard_giguere1, I’ve been in contact with Casa about building a ST device type, just like I did for the ecobee thermostat.

Their APIs are not ready yet.

Bye for now.

Sinope has a githup repo with an official driver for smartthings, anyone using this ?

I am using it for both my in floor and baseboard.

Here’s a post about it.