Neviweb / Sinope upgrade for new ST app?

I recently switched to the new ST (Android) app (well forced to basically) and the integration of the Sinope thermostats (through Neviweb hub) is no longer working. I see the thermostats, but the temperature shown is that which they are “set for” not the actual temperature each one measure for the room.

Does anyone know a fix for this?

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I’m interested as well. I have the same problem. It works on the old smartthings APP but not in the new one.

BUMP, anyone???

Looks like Sinope is now listed in the new ST app as one of the vendors supported, and I can confirm that once I use this option, it prompts me for Nevieweb l/p and connects all the thermostats in that portal.

Good stuff.

Not so good stuff, they show up on the screen with a “CONNECTED” message instead of the temperature that the sensor picks up for the room. How stupid is that, what is the point to have it and not show the temperature registered?

WOW, way to go Sinope devs, again, marvelous work!