Since the recent update I can no longer control lights with Automations, Scenes, or google assistant/devices (June 2021)

I have lost the ability to control all my lights…and locks…

update happened in the software and now nothing works…
I can still manually go to each light bulb, and turn it on or off…
but I had a ton of automations and scenes set up, and now NONE of them work…

Hey google… “do this”… acts like its doing the scene assigned to it… but nothing happens

same goes for manually pressing scenes in the app…
go to turn living room lights to 50%… nothing happens

I have to go to each individual bulb and turn it on or off… same goes for my door locks…
they used to auto lock 10 seconds after the door was closed… I now have to manually lock each door


Report the issues to ST support

I did…
their solution was for me to uninstall and reinstall the app…
which did absolutely nothing…

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Same problem here. Their is obviously a problem. There are other threads also reporting the same problem. All my devices show as online but none can be controlled. I have already tried all the usual things.

How did you report to SmartThings? I used “help” thru the app but if their is another way I’ll do that too. It needs to get fixed.

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Same here. Automations don’t work. Now, wifi devices don’t even respond. Opening the ticket with Support is pointless, their solution is always “reinstall” that does nothing to solve the problem. :roll_eyes:

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Yea, I’m super happy here. Can’t control a single light in my house now. Switches doesn’t work. Lights don’t work. SmartThings has slowly gotten worse and worse by the day. They started great and now can’t even do a basic function like turn on my light. Glad I have a house full of smart switches and lights

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I’m 100% down here, too. I’ve done the whole uninstall, reboot everything rain dance to no avail. Its looking more and more like Hubitat is the way to go!



And SmartThings online system status still says everything is fine??? Apparently nobody is home at SmartThings support!


Same here, started last night. Google assistant/Google Home/ST App are all broken

It like SmartThings doesn’t listen to anybody either. They are only allowing 4 favorites in the widget as well. I miss the day when I could add as many as I wanted.

I finally got my Amazon working to turn things on. I guess we can hope for tomorrow being a new day!


How did you finally get the amazon/Alexa stuff to start working again?

While all my automations here work, and I can still control devices using Google Home/Assistant - all my automations are roughly 7-15 minutes behind.

Walk past a motion sensor? 15 minutes later it acknowledges you did so.

Notifications for open/closed doors/windows either work 5-10 minutes late, or don’t work at all.

This has been the case since Saturday evening.

As usual ST support is absolutely pointless, so I’ll tag @Brad_ST @blake.arnold who’ve historically been the most helpful during these times. Tonight is father’s day however, so let’s be patient. These guys do ALOT for the ST community, and deserve some family time also.

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Luckily all my lights are hue. So I switched my lights from SmartThings to Hue in the Amazon app. But it doesn’t help my switches or my non-hue lights. Can’t win for losing here.

Status page has been officially updated as of 10PM EST to take note of these issues.

so the status page says its fixed… but its DEFINITELY NOTY FIXED

I still can not control anything by using automations of scenes

------------------This is a lie
Issues with Hubs, Device Control and Automation Execution

Resolved - After further monitoring we have confirmed full functionality has been restored for all users. Users may have experienced these issues starting June 20th at 3PM UTC. Please contact us via if you have any questions.
Jun 21, 04:50 UTC

Monitoring - After corrective action, we are seeing improvements in performance and are continuing to monitor.
Jun 21, 02:52 UTC

Investigating - Some users in the North American region may be experiencing issues with hub-connected device status updates and control in the SmartThings app. Users may also be experiencing issues with the execution of automations relying on device statuses. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as available.
Jun 21, 02:03 UTC

I did have to power cycle my hub (v3) and I also deleted and re-installed the SmartThings app on my iPhone and iPad but after that normal operation has returned.

Deleting the App and adding it back did not work for me. This is ridiculous.


Deleting the App and adding it back did not work for me. All of my devices show up in my home Hub but none of Samsung outlets will toggle on and off.

I rebooted the hub, apparently you have to do it like more than 5 times and now things are working, at least for now.

Are these z-wave outlets? If so, I would suggest restarting the hub, then running a Z-Wave Repair within Z-Wave Utilities.

If these are zigbee plugs - try bringing them a bit closer to the hub and see if they connect. Then slowly move them back into place.