Since the most recent update a few days ago, none of my scenes or automations work any more (June 2021)

I have lost the ability to control all my lights…and locks…
noting works any more

the update happened in the software and now nothing works…
I can still manually go to each light bulb, and turn it on or off…
but I had a ton of automations and scenes set up, and now NONE of them work…

manually pressing scenes in the app…
go to turn living room lights to 50%… nothing happens

Hey google… “do this”… acts like its doing the scene assigned to it… but nothing happens

I have to go to each individual bulb and turn it on or off… same goes for my door locks…
they used to auto lock 10 seconds after the door was closed… I now have to manually lock each door


Same issue here. Several other reports of the same issue as well. Report the issue if you have not done so already. I have, twice. SmartThings online System Status still shows no problems reported??
Sure hope they get it resolved soon.

There is an incident already dealt with,hope that is the one you described.

Same here. I am completely dead in the water. I can see status of things like sensors and such, but cannot turn anything on or off. Also automations don’t work. Tech Support is closed because it’s Sunday.

The same thing happened to me last night - things had been working great, then … nothing. The thing with my situation is that ALL of my connected devices have disappeared when I check the app on my phone - switches, wall plug adapters, water/presence sensors. All of them.

Do you have a V1 hub? Those were turned off yesterday.

Yeah, I later found out after posting that was the reason for it. I had no idea this was happening.

I just found out my v1 went off line today for the first time. It is a house that I own, but do not go to a lot. I have over 40 lights on it. I went through my spam and found the email claiming it was going to to happen. They also offered a 65% deal on a new hub that expired a long time ago. I found a FAQ page but it is horrible. Not one recommendation of a hardware replacement. I went to Amazon to check the price on a V3 hub. It is listed for $270 because I am sure they are hard to get. Samsun really screwed this up!!!

Can anyone point me to a check in the forum that recommends hardware to replace my V1?

The hub that you were offered in the deal, the Aeotec Smart Home Hub, is the obvious replacement. It is the V3 hub under the Aeotec brand, SmartThings having stopped production under their own name in favour of the ‘works as a SmartThings hub’ programme.

This is the hub they recommend. I bet the link was dead a long time ago.