Since the account migration

I had to remove the presence sensors i.e. mobile phones from Smartthings classic and readd then to get them to work I hope.
Seemed to give an alert when I readded wife’s new Samsung account.
The whole reason I intergrate this st hub as a secondary controler is for presence sensors…
Really hope this works

Since my account was migrated my mobile presence also stopped working - i’ve tried removing and re-adding, but it doesn’t work. Will contact support

Just a follow up, it seems that on iOS my presence is now only updated when I open the app, not in the background like it was before - the only thing that has changed (besides removing my iPhone as a Mobile Presence Sensor and readding) is that I now have migrated to a Samsung Account.

Sent a ticket over to support with mobile presence logs so will see what comes back - i’ll include updates here too.

Turning location services on and off seems to have fixed this:

Settings → Privacy → Location Services and turn the Location Services toggle switch off and then on again