SmartThings not tracking my wife's phone

Hey guys, I noticed that lately my ST not tracking wife’s phone. ST showing her phone always present. Should I uninstall and re-install ST on her phone?

First check the location settings for the SmartThings app. If all is good there and opening the app doesn’t wake it back up, you will most likely have to delete her mobile presence device and re-add it.

If it’s an upgraded iOS your probably out of luck. I couldn’t get my upgraded iPhone to work. My wife’s worked great until she upgraded. I had been using Life360 app and it works great and works with ST. Now we both use it.

I’ve done some different things on different phones. The Newer Android phones put apps to sleep when they’re not being used. You can disable certain apps from sleeping in the battery settings menu. To verify this is the issue, as soon as you open the app it will show her as arrived or at least present in the “activity” feed of smartthings app. Also, the apps need permission to access the location, you can check app permissions on Android in the phones settings/apps/permissions. Deleting and readding will work in the short term but on Android phones the problems above will come back if not setup.

Same thing happens on my wifes phone. She has an older phone running an older OS and it worked great at first but stopped afterwards. All settings have been checked to try keep it updating in the background with no luck.


What kind of phone does your wife have?

It seems as though presence with some phones work better than others.
There are many threads on this site regarding this subject.

In my case presence has been working very well for the past couple weeks with my new iphone.
I’m not sure if this made a difference but I reset my home location in smartthings and then presence started working again.

Or maybe it was a recent update to Smartthings or to ios that made the difference.

This has been happening to me the last week or so as well. Both phones are Galaxy S7s. We consistently come home to the siren going off and intrusion alerts…

Edit: I didn’t read the the OP. My problem is different, the tracking is working it is just late. Smartthings doesn’t see us at home and disable the alarm before we arrive home. Typically we have be in wifi range before it will do anything.

Perhaps it would help if you increased the size of the geofence in ST. Or maybe move the marker in ST up the street a bit so that ST thinks you arrive home a bit sooner.
I had to move the center of my geofence a little to avoid having it think I was home when I drove along a nearby street.

Hope this helps.

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My geofence has been the same for over a year and this just started happening recently. I already have it expanded rather large. I can’t really make it any bigger as there is a large interstate that goes by our house, any larger and it will pick up the comings and goings on there as we travel on it frequently.