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Simplest way to obtain an Oauth2 token for my own use with my own app

(Bobfrankston) #1

With the switch to Samsung credentials, I need a new OAuth token. I used to use but that has been retired. Is there a trivial site that would allow me to present my credentials can get a token I can use?

Plan b would be a node app I can use but the only sample is 4 years old. I"m tantalizingly close – just need to figure out the redirect_uri and any server code I need on my side.

It should be simple … but one aha short of getting it all.

(Mark Dunsford) #2

Not sure if this is what you want but according to the section of the Docs on Authorisations and Permissions you can manage personal access tokens here:

(Bobfrankston) #3

Thanks. I tried it but might not be doing it right. Fortunately I’ve been shifting to a local platform to avoid such problems but I do appreciate the help.