Get Personal Access Token through Postman

(Jack) #1

I have been looking at, and I wanted to know if it would be possible to obtain a personal access token simply by making some sort of request by Postman?

(Arun Rao) #2


Are you referring to something like this?

(Jack) #3

Yes. That is what I am referring to.

(Raj Karamchedu) #4

I do not believe there is an endpoint to accomplish this. Must go to that website.

(Jack) #5

Is there any possible way to get a personal access token simply by providing login information? I am trying to make a program that can control my Smartthings devices, but it requires a personal access token to do so. And I need the program to somehow get an user’s personal access token automatically.

(Sean) #6

Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I had to make my program issue a web request challenge which then takes you to the SmartThings OAuth page. It works, but needs a human to log in if the token is not there or invalid.

(Jack) #7

No I have not figured this out yet.