Can i get smart app token by samsung account information(ID, PW)

i want to make iot control service by using smart app token.
and that service is not just for me, service should be used by any person.

so i need to know samrt app token up to user to control devices.

as i know, samsung account is the way to know smart app token.

but i tried to find out how i can make smart app token by samsung account. but i couldn’t find it though i checked SA developer site and Mosaic Site about SA…

so please let me know if there is a way to get smart app token by samsung account ID and PW.

Moreover, it is better to know the logic by Rest API.

please help me!!

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Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @user15!
Can you provide more details about your use case, please?
Do you want to provide your own service (eg. a web page) to allow users to control the devices installed in their SmartThings account?


thank you for replying.

yes exactly right!.

i want that user can control their own devices by my service, if they offer about samsung account information to my service to get smart app token by rest api services.

as i know smart app token can create by samsung account and that token can use smart things api.

  • A SmartApp Token is generated when we install a SmartApp in the SmartThings app.
    To use this one, you would need each user to create their own SmartApp project and share with you the App ID, client ID, and client secret. As this is sensitive information, you would need to handle them properly to avoid security issues.

  • The users can create a Personal Access Token (PAT) with the necessary scopes. Then, on your service, you would ask them to enter that value. This is a less risky approach because access is restricted to the defined scopes.

  • There’s a third option: OAuth Integrations, but you need to have an organization registered in SmartThings to have this access authorized.
    Here, the user logins to his SmartThings account and you can get an Access Token based on the permissions authorized by the user.

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thank you for replying!!

so i need to an organization registered in SmartThings to have personal OAuth Integrations.

i have more questions…

Q1. OAuth Integrations is also can control iot devices right??
Q2l. how can i get an organization registered in SmartThings???

please help me.

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Hey, @user15

Since Nayely is taking her vacations, I’ll follow up on your questions:

Yes, with the SmartApp token generated you’ll be able to query, monitor and control through the [Devices API](API | SmartThings Developers. You can also build Rule Automations for them through the Rules API.

First, enroll a developer organization Here and then proceed to submit this form.

Note: Once you enroll your organization, reset your login session (Sign Out > Sign In).

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thx a lot for answer!

i am ganna check it!~