SmartThings Auth Token Get Needed in my website to call SmartThings API

There is feature that when login via GoogleDrive , OneDrive etc.
They will provide one UI for username and password and after successful login it provides us auth token/ refresh token.

want provide my own service (eg. a web page) to allow users to control the devices installed in their SmartThings account.

But in SmartThings documentation i did not found any endpoint URL where i can hit and login and then my app/server get access token so that i can use it for calling SmartThings API.
I do not want to use PAT, I use only auth.

So please help me with this.

Hi @Devesh Welcome to SmartThings

you can start with a SmartApp to see the flow of authentication

After that, you can move to OAuth integrations to share it with other users

Note: OAuth integrations have some limitations, for increased permissions you will need to send a form

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Is it necessary to create SmartApp ?
My website cannot work as SmartApp?
Means if i do not want any middleware, how my website directly talk with ST Cloud using OAuth 2.0.

Can you please help me

@Devesh sorry for the delay I was out of the office

  • For the first question: yes is necessary to create OAuth-In SmartApp to utilize OAuth.
  • For the second question: the smartapp-sdk-nodejs is a library to libraries for building Webhook and Lambdas to interact with the SmartThings Public API, we recommend using it, but you also can send commands to the Public API with the correspondent token.