Simple Notifications - New and need a bit of guidance please!


New to smartthings. So far, love it. I am struggling a bit on easier setup versus complex. Right now working on notifications. I would imagine that I could setup a notification within either app (Smartthings or Classic) that simply pushes me a notification to my iOS when a state of that device changes. I have selected notifications within the Smartthings App but nothing fires.

I have tried notify me when - but here is the issue. I dont see a way around setting up a notify me when rule for each device because if I select all devices I want alerted on, the same text message fires and there is no indication what device triggered the alert - either via push notification or sms message.

So in short, is there an EASY way to setup notifications for select devices?


I use Notify Me When, but I use the standard status message format, and that tells you which device in the message. Works perfectly. Are you providing a custom “Message Text”?

Here are examples from my set up: (My Home)


I use Automations in the new app. This requires an automation for each device and for each state of that device.

You can also use webCoRE. I use it for some notifications. It is more configurable and will send push notifications/SMS that shows the status for the device experiencing activity.

Note: for SMS, it depends on what country some users are in :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Having the custom text in my notify me when rule removed the device name and status from coming across. Removed custom text and looks good, just like yours!

I will also check out webcore.

Question - is there a rationale when to use monitor versus when to use notify me when?



Using the image in my reply above, “Monitor - Mailbox” is an ST built in Automation that uses just one device, so for me if I’m just monitoring one device I’ll use automations, otherwise it’s the notify me app. Complexity of conditions may also come into play.