New user-- I need to send text messages from my smoke detectors

I found a smartthing app called Notify me when an it seems to be more than I need for the moment. . If I setup the simulator I try to use a button press to get a text or a push notification I get nothing. If I try the Notify me when it opens smartapp I can get the push notification. Is there something wrong with the Notify me when app??

Just playing around with the Notify me when it opens app. can there be a noise associated with the push notification? That might work better than the text for me

I’m not great at smart things, but seems the motify me when app which is available is what you want.

I use it to send me sms messages when various things happen in my house. Shed door open, motion on my porch ECT…

When you open the app and create your trigger and notification type it will create a specific use case and place that individual trigger \ notification into the smart apps section. You will then edit or midify that individually setup item by itself. You won’t go back into the app that is in the market place again. You would go back there if you wanted to create a new trigger and response event.

Here is a screenshot of my smart app section you can see the individual ones I have already set up.

As for the simulator, I don’t believe it works.
If you create the motify me trigger \ response and you want to midify it you can open that individual one back up and adjust it and save it.

If you can’t get the results you want you could always delete it.

As for having it make a sound on your phone. I believe that would be set up in your phone. Depending on your phone you should be able to decide your sound \ notification choices for push messages, or for sms from specific users.

If you want ALOT more option and choices and complex rules to control your triggers and responses from those triggers. You should look into Webcore.

Hope that explains some of what you were looking for.

Nothing other than it’s obsolete… What smoke detectors do you have? Your Smart Home Monitor provides any possible way to get notified from smoke. Have a look…

Hi guys,

So I should be able to set this up from my phone app? In the notifications I have to use custom notification and build it manually from what I can see. Id doesn’t allow a sms message or even a link to SmartApps I bought First Alert dual SMoke and CO detectors. They are the only devices I have so far. My version of SMart Things for my phone is different than yours Dan. I do not have the Marketplace The Smart Home Monitor from the Notifications page only references Burglar Alarm stuff.

You are probably on the “NEW” app. Currently there is a old version app and a new version app.

I know they can run in parallel as the new app doesn’t have everything ported over to it yet and things are in different locations.

If you search the forums you should be able to find reference to it. I’ll try to look shortly and post a link to the discussion about it.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in and help you install the old app or point you to the direction in the new app.

I installed the Smartthings Classic found it in Google Play and I was able to set notifications for all my smokes lickety split. Now to test. I will uninstall the “new” app and look at it again as I progress.

Thanks Don


Here is the lengthy discussion talking about the differences:

You can leave them both installed, I have the new app installed. Just don’t use it alot yet.