Push Notification not working on everything

I’m using push notifications in the new app. It works on motion sensors and on one of my presence sensors, but not on my switches. I have not tested with the water sensors yet. Any idea why it would work on some devices but not all?
Thank You!

Yes I know about WebCore, that has nothing to do with this question.

Wjere are you setting them, how specifically are you setting them and even better, screenshots if you are able, please.

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Pretty basic I just go to Smarthing settings in the top left, click on notifications and select which ones I want there for my current location.

That interface is only an allow/mute notification setting. It doesnt turn on a canned set of notifications. It only prevents any notifications generated by that device from popping on your device from a PUSH if they are raised.

Ive never turned any one of those off and I have WELL over 180 devices. You’ll need to setul automations for any notifications you actually want…

Abd yes its intended behavior - I cany imagine if I suddenly started getting notifications from every device in ths house. It would make a clingy ex girlfriend seem quiet by comparison…

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That’s not very well explained. What confuses me is I get notifications from some I have turned on and other I don’t get notifications.

You say I need to setup notifications for each device. How/where is that done.


Under Automations. (under the ‘hamburger menu’ on the top left

select Automations, New Automation (plus sign, top right), If (plus sign to add a new trigger) , Device Status, Scroll and pick a device, then pick a condition, and what state you want to trigger on (for demo sake say lock, lock state Locked or Unlocked) then save.

You can further confine your trigger by adding more conditions, such as location mode, etc.

Now for the what:
Pick Then (plus sign), Notify Someone, Send notification to members (to send a push message through the app (affected by those notification on off switches you listed), then Type in the message.

ST doesn’t throw notifications on individual devices by default (again because that would spam end users) so every notification comes from some kind of SmartApp or automation - The notifications coming from ones you’ve turned on are probably triggered by various SmartApps (for instance STHM has a number of notifications it throws, so does SmartLock Guest access, and many more… If you want to get really fancy you can install something like WebCore and write your own complex conditions.
For instance, alert if the front garage door open and it’s less than 40 degrees or the wind is over 10 Mph coming in from the WNW or if it’s after sunset but only if the garage isn’t occupied…

(Yes I actually have a webcore piston that’s that complex - it makes sure I don’ t have to clean the garage because wind blew leaves in)

For the ones that aren’t throwing notifications, it’s simply because one isn’t setup - or you turned off the switch in the notification area for that app.

Hope that helps clear it up.

Thank You sir

Hi Nathan @nathancu
Can you give me a other solution to receive Firebase Push from Smartthings?

I use a Huawei P40 Pro with stock EMUI C432 (Europe Modell).

My Big Problem is that i have 2 Sides full working with Samsung Smatthings (USA/CH) and i need Push notifications to Check the Healt and Burglary protection on USA side.

Is there a solution to implement to exclude Google Firebase Services?

Thank you

This Forum is usless…

No one has a possible answer or anything…
The Community Master has no time to give a feedback… @nathancu

The people of this forum have given more solutions to other peoples problems than you can possibly fathom…get off your high horse and have some respect…


Just for your information, Community Master is a rank what you can reach on a Discourse Forum by spending a lot of your free time to reply other people’s posts. It could be called if the owner of the forum would implement it, the “The God of All Smart Things

Those people who hold that rank has spent their free time to provide solutions for free to other users.

As this is a community forum, most of the people here are users like yourself. And as it is a Samsung/SmartThings product what you are asking about, try to contact their support.

As you have mentioned US, try the support@smartthings.com email address.

Good luck!

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I know a forum works.
I am a forum master in Switzerland for SAT Devices.
And I never ever leave a question unanswered.
If there is no solution for his question,i let him know…

I can imagine how many help here are asked for.
But I have asked 2 times and no one has give a Reaktion to any questions…

That’s up to you how you wanna call a Administrator…
But as give my feedback to Nathan and short reaction it’s a reaction.

And this is not a small company forum.
This is a official Samsung forum for smartthings…

And just as a shirt question.
There is only the Google way to receive alarms from Smartthings?
Just Firepush?


I have to emphasise it again, it is a COMMUNITY forum. Most of the users are here the same way SmartThings users as yourself. And just to be fair, we tend to not reply anybody until it asks the same question at least 3 times under 3 different topics. Because then we know that it must be a life threatening issue and we have to sacrifice our free time just to answer it.

But see how helpful we are, I did a search for the phrase Pushbullet which is another notification service…

And look what comes up in one of the results:

But you could have used the search function as well to search for the phrase notification for example.

Honestly, I don’t care what push notification system SmartThings is using. And probably many of us neither. And we don’t know which notification system uses Firebase, because we really don’t care. Because it is working for us.
Will you next time call this forum useless, because the SmartThings app is not working anymore on your phone and we have no answer for it? You know what, you can buy an iPhone.

But maybe first you should consider your wording and do your part and search for a solution by yourself.

If you have problems that the app is not sending notifications to your Huawei device, please contact support and don’t ask the community. You can send a bug report from the app straight. If Samsung wants to support notifications on a Huawei device, then they will fix it, if not, then that’s it is.

But from your comments, I guess you haven’t done that neither, just calling people useless when you haven’t done anything, just asked 3 times the same question here, no research, no bug report, nothing, but expecting the help of the useless people here. THANKS!


The bottom line here is that the community masters here are not paid staff, it is a pass time for them as well as all the rest of us to learn and to help when we are “AVAILABLE” and have the knowledge to do so…we all have lives outside this forum. We all have had unanswered questions and no one is to blame and nothing is “owed” to anyone who comes here to seek help…it’s a privilege and answers are a courtesy. Hopefully you will find the answers you seek