Why do I have to use IFTTT just to receive a simple notification that a "thing" has been triggered?

I have many sensors. I simply want to receive a notification via the app or SMS when one of them has been triggered.

It seems the only way to do this is to use IFTTT. Am I missing something?

If you are using the SmartThings Classic app, Go to the marketplace: SmatApps: Safety & Security and use Notify Me When


Thanks jkp.

This seems pretty basic. I wonder why it isn’t included in the standard area when configuring a things.

Apparently smartthings doesn’t do a good job of informing users the marketplace even exists


Or there is the smart home at the bottom of the dashboard then once you have gone through your home and away setting click the cog and there is quite a lot of config under the custom


I believe the recommended solution at this time for those using the classic app is to set up a custom alert under smart home monitor. That does not require using the marketplace.

Note: The Custom monitoring module within Smart Home Monitor has all the same functionality as Notify Me When, but offers some additional features! It includes options for:
Audio notifications
Alerts with lights
Alerts with sirens
Video clip recording*
If you are more interested in combining any of those with your notifications, we recommend checking out Smart Home Monitor instead!


Use the “custom” SHM option to get an alert from only a single sensor. I have one of these set up to notify me when the linen closet is left open for at least two minutes.

But I don’t know what’s available in the new “smartthings (Samsung connect)” app, as the rules engine is different.