Newby Looking for advice for how to get notifications for devices from Smartthings (new app)

Hello all!!
I’m sure this is an easy solve, so lets kick off. I’m running Smartthings version All aspects of the app seem to work fine, e.g., no connection issues refresh problems with field devices. The problem however is that I can’t get notifications on change of state for connected devices. An example here is my Aeotec Multi Sensor. On detection of movement the sensor correctly reports this to Smartthings (this is as observed in the app). Despite checking all applicable settings I can’t however get Smartthings to provide me with a notification.
I’m sure there’s something overlooked and with this I reach out to this forum for assistance.
Please help.

Just for clarity what devices do you use, iphone ? Android ? Tablet ?
Always important as each device has its own notification settings

You can use Automations. if device -> motion detected then notify someone (push/sms/audio)


Hello, I’m running Android version 10.

Hi jkp, thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a go. Do you have the native app notifications working without using automations?

I never receive any notifications with settings > notifications enabled.

I just use automations for the few I want to be notified about

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As far as notifications go I only get notifications from my Smartthings Hub when it goes off line. When I navigate to settings/notifications, I see all my devices with options that appear to allow the specific device to be switched allowing notifications or not. Do you have this setup and if so does it work?
I’m interested to hear from other community members experiences also.
To recap, I’ve got notification settings set to “allowed” in android “App info” in addition to using the notification options setting in the Smartthings app.

The automations you mentioned, are they in the app or done via WebCore? I ask as I’ve just setup an automation via the app to “send a notification to members”, I don’t see the option however providing preferences for how to send.
Thanks in advance.

Setting up an automation like this results in a push notification from the app to all members. Adjust accordingly for the device, trigger and message.

Thanks to all for the replies. Much appreciated.