Simple Control & SmartThings

I recently added a few SmartThings motion sensors and when attempting to pair them with simple control the devices are not discovered, looking further into the list of devices found I also noticed that an Ecobee sensor that i had installed prior was also not on the list, i tried contacting Simple Control for some assistance but i was quickly informed that this was a SmartThings issue and not their problem. Does anyone else have the same issues or use simple control with their SmartThings hub added as a device? thanks in advance for any assistance or guidance that an be offered, by the way i unpaied and re-paired my Smartthings hub several times but all to no avail.

With a 3rd Party App like Simple Control (or ActionTiles for that matter…), the primary support responsibility lies with the App Developer / Vendor, not SmartThings.

They should not be directing you to SmartThings support unless they have a very specific explanation as to why/how ST can help.

Have you started with this?

I actually have and since the issue is lying solely with the smartThings side of finding the devices they have directed me accordingly. Case in point the Ecobee additional temperature sensor is detected fine when connected directly or through HomeKit but through SmartThings it does not show up.

That doesn’t mean that the problem is with SmartThings

“Detecting” devices is a part of the App’s code.

Finding a HomeKit device is entirely different code than detecting a SmartThings connected device.

Good to know I’m just trying to get some help from the community and see if anyone has had any similar experiences, thanks for your input.

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You’re welcome! Wish I could help more … well, since the connector code is open source, I could review it and provide consulting for a fee, if you wish.

Just looked a bit closer, and Simple Control is definitely not a “WWST” certified application - the DH and SmartApp are completely cut-paste self-published.

There’s no way you’re going to get support from SmartThings for this. If you do, let us know - always nice to hear when companies are cooperative with each other.