Ecobee SmartSensor question

Do they work with smarthings? Iv added them to my thermostat but I dont see where to add them in the new app

SmartSensors should work with SmartThings. OTOH, “SmartSensors for Doors and Windows” do not work yet as Ecobee doesn’t expose them in their APIs.

What Ecobee integration are you using? If you are using the one supplied by SmartThings, I don’t know anymore, because I stopped using that long ago (it had login and authentication issues caused by Ecobee).

With Barry’s free Universal Ecobee Suite, they show up as devices that both report temperature and act as motion sensors. They will show up in the new app, and when you open the device it shows the correct motion or temperature. However, I don’t think they yet show the right default value on the outer tile (sometimes they show temp, sometimes motion).

My ecobee SmartSensors work with the default ecobee integration. Show temperature and motion capabilities.

I think OP is interested in the new ecobee contact/motion SmartSensors, not the temperature/motion sensors that come bundled with the thermostat. I got two of the sensors through a promo and don’t see any option for third-party integrations. Hopefully it comes later

Apologizes, I was talking about the new ones that came out. I got them trough the promo