Simple arrive home routine triggers both when arriving and leaving

I have a simple routine in the Smartthings app that is basically when I arrive home the front door unlocks. The routine does run when I arrive but it also runs when I leave. Is there a way to prevent this in the Smartthings app?

Who? Me
Where? Home
When? At Home

I had a similar issue and had to change it to “after being away for x minutes” and then it worked as expected.

can you post screenshots for both the arrive and leave Routines? Black out any personal info on them. We can get a better picture of what is going on vs words posted :slight_smile:

had a user recently say their Routine did this and this and when asked for the screenshot, the routine was doing this and this plus a whole lot more.

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I don’t have an away routine as I have no events to trigger when I leave.

I will try that. Thanks!