My arriving home routines trigger even if I haven't left the house yet

What am I doing wrong? I have an automation in smartthings that says if I am home after being away for 10 minutes that a light should turn on if I open the front door. My problem is this automation still runs after I am already home and have been home for many hours.

I also have a bixby routine that behaves the same way. It activates my open garage door scene if I have a cycling activity active and I am arriving home. However, this routine still runs when I haven’t even left the house yet. Any ideas here?

Sounds like bouncing GPS on your phone.

Basically, It thinks you left.

Setup an automation that alerts you when your device reports away. I bet it fires when you dont expect it.

Actually I set up a virtual switch to report when smartthings is in home mode vs away mode. The switch is on when in home mode and the switch turns off when in away mode. My routines are running even though the switch is in on (home) mode and has not changed status.

I did ths same exact thing last year troubleshooting one of these… What I found was it takes a moment for a vswitch to update status, meanwhile the GPS jumps (mine thought i was in Helsinki, yay) and comes back within a second or so, the ohone registered ‘away’ but was also home almost instantly. In this xase it would trigger the alert but not update my vswitch… Food for thought…