"I'm home" routine doesn't trigger if someone is already home

I want the front door to unlock when someone arrives, so I have the “I’m Home” routine set up to automatically run when any one of three presence sensors arrives. The routine will change the mode from Away to Home if it isn’t already set to Home. The routine is set to run only when the mode is Home or Away.

If no one is home and mode is Away, the door unlocks as expected. But if the mode is set to Home, the door does not unlock.

I have a Lighting Automation that turns on lights when someone arrives home. It is set to run if the mode is set to Home or Away. It triggers normally, regardless of the mode.

I had this same configuration working correctly prior to V2. Does the “I’m Home” routine only trigger if the mode is something other than Home, regardless of the settings?

I noticed that as well, and put in a support ticket about the issue. I was able to resolve it by creating a new routine for each user of the house. This seems to be working. It appears once the routine runs and does what it should, and the original sensor that sets it off is still in the area, that it will not continue to run. So, I made a routine for each person and that works.

This might be of help:

Now that I think of it, I did sort of deal with this issue on V1. I had a different “I’m Back” action for each household member, but that was because different things needed to happen for each person. That coincidentally also fixed the problem with actions not triggering due to mode changes already in effect.

Based on the FAQ, I set up a “First Person Home” routine that unlocks the door and changes the mode and a “Someone else came home” routine that will also unlock the door, but not change the mode. It seems to be working so far.

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