Run automation on arrival (when someone else is home)

I am trying to recreate my “unlock on arrival” routine as an automation in the new app, but can’t get it to work right for the life of me. 50/50 I’m missing something vs. just another issue with automations.

This isn’t my full blown “welcome home” automation, which runs from an away state. This is supposed run while already in ‘home’ mode, but someone else arrives, in order to simply unlock the front door. As it now the damn thing runs when someone leaves!!

What am I missing? I guess the next thing to try is to split it into two automationS (one for each person).

Wondering if anyone had thoughts on this as I am having the same problem. I recreated my “I’m back” routine from the classic app to the new app (which is similar to SwampLynx ) and it runs when I get 0.5 miles from my house, every time.

Thank you for your thoughts

Split it into separate automations for each person. It will still be unreliable if you have a mode precondition, but at least it won’t run when you leave.

I will try it, thank you!

Just throwing this out there, our family uses Life360 for a geolocation data. Have had this smartapp integration running for nearly a year now without any problems. In fact, its safe to say that we haven’t used a key for our door ever since. I did create separate automation for each individual that comes home and runs the same routine, as well as when certain people leave…Like Lock the door when I leave and my wife / kids are still in the house… Or lock the door when all the adults are gone, or last person is in our Life360 circle leaves. Hope that gives you some ideas. Curious what other geolocation ideas others are doing.

I am also having the same problems, seen many people suggest setting up automation’s for each person. When I try that I can not select my ‘Im back’ scene, it appears to be only available for the automation that was created when I migrated to the new app. Tried creating a new scene also, with no luck, just want to do some on/off device switching when all (not one) person leaves and vice versa upon arrival. Been trying to get a workable solution to the leaving part , then tackle to arrival part.