Goodbye Routine Not Triggering

I’ve setup my Goodbye routine to trigger when my Smartthings Arrival sensor leaves. The routine turns off lights, arms ST to away, and locks the front door… in theory.

I setup "Automatically perform “Goodbye!” when everyone leaves and selected the Arrival sensor. When I leave the Arrival sensor shows as “Away” but the routine never kicks off. Any thoughts?

Do you have any restrictions set up? Like “Don’t do this when I am in the following modes”, or something else?

Or does it have a Mode change in it? Like change to Away? If it does, try removing the Mode change just to see if it improves things. That’s the first thing Help always tells me to try to see if that is the problem. Modes are funny little devils.

Thanks for the replies! So for some reason it just stated working. :slight_smile: Not sure what the issue was.

I’ve got the same problem but it’s because my girlfrends phone never leaves the house (it does, but SmartThings doesn’t think it does…)