Should I upgrade my v1 hub to v3?

I bought my v1 hub over 3 years ago, and I have over 30 devices connected to it. I am still using the SmartThings (classic!) iOS app to regularly control the devices. Thus far, there are no pressing reasons to force me to upgrade to a newer version of the hub. However, I am curious as to any pros and cons of upgrading to v3.

For one, do I need to use the new Samsung Smartthings iOS app if I upgrade to v3? Second, can both v1 and v3 hub co-exist for a short period of time while I migrate devices over to the v3 hub? Third, is there even an easy migration path from v1 to v3 besides me adding back all the devices manually?

So far, the only compelling reason I can think of in upgrading is that v3 would have support for the latest protocols and I don’t want to be left behind, but I would love to hear from folks who have gone through the process to let me know any gotchas.


If what you have now is working fine, there’s no reason to upgrade. :sunglasses:

There’s no migration path other than just removing each device individually from the old hub and adding it individually to the new hub. And while you can certainly have both hubs running at the same time, doing so means that you are splitting your devices between the two, so you can end up with a weak mesh on both until you complete the migration.

I would wait until there is a device you really want that only operates on the new hub before you even consider moving.


I have been on v1 since the beginning and once they got most of the bugs out it has been assume. No firmware upgrades, no hub crashes. It just works. Many people on v2 and now v3 have had scores of complaints of flaky operation, and while I don’t know if its the hub or the the cloud that serves them, all I know is v1 seems to be immune from most issues now a days.


My V1 isn’t having any of the recent issues either. Except for the occasional short lived cloud sluggishness, it just works as I would expect it to.


I’m also still on V1, but just ordered the Samsung Mesh WiFi system (w/SmartThings Hub built in),

I’m going to ignore the SmartThings part for a little while long and stay on V1, but latency on cloud-only executions is beginning to annoy me at times.

Come to the Dark Side… You know you want to! :wink:


I’m currently literally on the “Dark Side”; my motion sensors take too long to activate my stair and hallway lights!


Ok, you guys convinced me to stick with the battle tested v1 hub even tho there was a sale on the v3 hub. Thanks!


I’m sticking with my V1 hub. I do wish they would provide a migration tool to make it easy to move to the V2 or V3 hub. I really don’t want to have to remove each of my devices from V1 and then add to V2/3 and then recreate all of my settings (naming, rooms, schedules, alerts, etc).


My opinion, don’t fix it till it’s broke.


I’ve been on v1 Hub since the day it started. Works perfectly. And as long as they cannot migrate my setup to a new Hub, I will use v1 until it dies.


i wonder if a migration tool is even possible? it may have to be worked into the zwave and zigbee protocols first.

It is technically possible already. Other platforms have accomplished backup and restore capabilities without the need to re-pair all devices.

For example, the Wink v1 Hub to Wink v2 hub upgrade is simple and automated.


Even without a migration tool…if it was possible now to generate some kind of detailed report of the configuration it probably would not be that difficult to recreate manually. Does anyone know if there is a way to generate such a report?


The data is buried in multiple screens of the IDE.

Some clever Javascript could pull it into a report, but I don’t think anyone has tried…


In the same boat. Thinking I’ll take IDE screenshots for referencing the old configuration at the very least.

all of you v1 guys with stable hubs; I’m jealous! i have one of the original kickstarter v1 and it connects maybe 20 min every 3-4 days. Otherwise, off line. New cable, reboot, etc. I want to think a new hub would help, but am thinking of jumping ship (to what?). Tell me my experience isn’t normal on the new hubs!

As long as there’s no migration tool, there’s nothing keeping me in the SmartThings ecosystem when my v1 hub kicks the bucket or when there’s some feature or device offered by another hub.

If there were a migration tool, I’d probably swallow my doubts and move to a v3 or whatever is available then. Since there isn’t, all transitions will be equally painful. I’m keeping my options open.


Hubitat Elevation is where many folks have landed after jumping ship… :wink:


When I updated mine to the wifi hub I just added it to the same location and re-assigned each device to the new hub. No need to remove and add again. Seems to have worked pretty easily. Also kept all my programming.