SHM intrusion notifications in disarmed state

Recently I have been getting intrusion notifications after disarming my SHM (often several hours after, from doors that have been open and closed many times since being disarmed), after getting the notification if I check SHM it does say disarmed. I realize SHM’s status is near dead and still on life-support mostly just wondering if anybody else is receiving these issues

Yes, same here for me! Glad i am not the only one!

Saves me from having to fault find my system. This is the first time this has happened since I bought my ST ver 2 hub 5 months ago! I am a UK user!

awesome glad to know its not just me

Yup, just had that around dinner time here. SHM disarmed due to presence just fine, then notified my that my kids were intruders as they left. :unamused:

At least my alarm didn’t go off…

I had intrusion detection showing on dashboard with system disarmed yesterday. On SHM screen it showed no intrusion, green dot with “OK”

We have more fixes coming this week we think will address this. Keep a lookout for some platform updates. :slight_smile:

Also had this happen. I dismissed it without even thinking. It sucks to be used to fall alarms. If a real intrusion happens I feel like I will just ignore it too.

The girl that cried wold and all.

Both myself and my brother’s system has had this issue along w/ intrusion notifications in armed stated. All false alarms. Both him and I have had numerous false motion detection alerts in addition to door open. Maybe the house has ghosts.

My alarm was sounding randomly in the disarmed state as well. I went into the IDE and Updated security and seemed to have solved it.

Did these updates roll out yet this week? I recieved a wild random intrusion earlier tonight. Wife keeps telling me the house is drunk.