SHM & Scout Bug

Smart Home Monitoring / Scout Integration Bug:

Confirmed issue with SmartThings support (Dominic R) - Related to the April 7 firmware release, some users of the Scout paid SHM integration (such as myself) started receiving calls from Scout for sensor trips against sensors explicitly not-mapped in the SHM UI. In other words, SHM is sending alerts to Scout for sensors not set as active in the SHM UI.

This is an active bug, and in forcing me to no longer turn on SHM at night.

I’ve been told that as this is a “3rd party issue”, it will not be listed on the Platform Status Page

I’ve also been told to contact Scout for service fee refunds.

What I can’t determine is which 3rd party is at fault here (this appears to be a SHM issue), estimated timelines (internal support ticket # is 341001), priority within SmartThings to fix, and who will be refunding my service fees.

So, FYI - If you have or are planning to set up a Scout integration with SHM, and do not wish to use all security sensors, you may encounter this issue as well.

I’ll update this thread with any/all information received

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  • If you temporarily disable Scout and just set to personal alerts (push notification and/or activate a light switch / alarm), do you observe the same behavior? … i.e., Do non-“activated” sensors trigger SHM Notifications even without Scout enabled?

If so, then this is definitely an SHM issue and is not Scout’s issue.

Good question - As a point of clarification, nothing shows / is triggered within the app when this issue occurs, I simply receive a call from Scout 3 mins later. I

In other words, SHM shows as armed and does not register the sensor triggering (in this case, motion), but Scout sees it as an Intrusion.

Thanks for the response. I don’t use Scout (currently) myself, but I’m very curious about how SHM operates and how it’s external monitoring provider integration(s) work. We’d like ActionTiles to be able to handle SHM alerts, for example … and there are many ways this could be done.

Until this point, I assumed that Alerts to Scout had to be “very closely” integrated with SHM. Now it sounds like there may be different paths to the alert and/or … indeed … perhaps a serious bug on their end.

Have you tried viewing Live Logging?
I believe you should see some log messages from both SHM and Scout as separate SmartApps.

This was reported on the first bug reports page in the community – created wiki about 10 days ago:

The argument that it’s a third-party issue seems strange to me, as the Scout integration is an official integration and other official third-party integrations get reported on the status page, such as Amazon Alexa and Netatmo.

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Thank you, @JDRoberts - I’ll monitor the other thread

(also, thank you @tgauchat)


Agreed on the 3rd party perspective

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