Integration with Scout Alarm for 24/7 Monitoring ($20 per month)

Beta integration, but Scout will offer the professional monitoring for $20 per month. Sounds like you don’t have to buy Scout devices, just officially compatible sensors and use Smart Home Monitor.

Problem is SHM is not responding to my manual status changes. It sets itself to Auto when I’m home and stays there.

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This seems like an interesting option but I’m not sure SHM is at a state where this would actually be usable… I already feel bad for whoever at Scout has to deal with the multitudes of false alarms due to lack of entry/exit delays.


Interesting… If I liked SHM it wouldn’t be a bad route, but I am using Rule Machine to handle everything for my needs (Mode changes, contact sensors, etc)

SHM is simple and quick which is nice, but I had already started using Rule Machine for everything else so I decided to keep everything in there for the time being.

It seems like they are anticipating false alarms and have designed in a sort of an “alarm delay” by giving 90 seconds for a user to dismiss an alarm.

If your SmartThings system is setup with Scout Alarm professional
monitoring, you will receive a call from Scout Alarm 90 seconds after an
intrusion event if you do not disarm. The caller ID will be
800-633-2677, and “Central Station” will be displayed when available.

Scout Support Website

Most monitoring systems work with the premise that you will get false alarms, but generally it’s not because of reliability issues, but because it just happens.

Maybe you forgot to disable the alarm before you tripped a sensor or opened a door, or you had someone visit and opened the door before you had a chance to disarm the system.

The question I think is whether or not SHM is ready overall not to have a lot of false alarms, but to actually report issues in a timely manner to the monitoring station.

I’ve had all kinds of problems with missed events from sensors, to the point that I don’t automate anything that can be a potential security issue, and I certainly wouldn’t trust the current setup to be able to alert someone when I need it to.

Worst still, when you have a system that’s prone to false alarms, you become desensitized to the whole thing. I can envision that a lot of people will actually try this out then decide not to use it, or just leave the system disarmed because it’s pretty finicky.


Seems like ST finally has opened a revenue stream. Hope this works out for them.