Is it possible to use both Classic & new app?

Do both apps sync with each there or what’s the deal?

Yes. I do it frequently.

With that said some users that have configurations that have been around a long while have had issues. So it may depend on how old your setup is and if you are migrated to using a Samsung account.

Where’s SHM in new app, I dint see it.

You would need to add SHM in STSC by going to The Add Automation section. Please note that the two SHMs in both apps are completely separate from each other. So changes made in one is not reflected in the other. Many get confused when they receive an SHM alert and they clear the alert in one app but continue receiving alerts from the other because they did not clear the alert in the other app.


Some devices are not reporting correctly, they are fine in classic app though. For eg look at kitchen Siren icon, shows it ON!! other siren seems fine and shows correct state. Have tried removing and adding. It’s a siren connected through Konnected board. image

I have a Samsung Account but I have never used the New App. I use the Classic App only and have had no issues at all. I guess someday when they decide the Classic App has run it’s course I will have to use the new one, but until then I am good.


I’ve been using Classic for 2 years and downloaded STSC (in preparation for the inevitable) 6 months ago, but 1/3 of my devices are missing from the STSC app (a combination of ST and Aoetec plugin switches). So no choice but to stick with the Classic app for now.

Contact ST support at and put in a request to sync your data between the two apps

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I would agree, but if you take @jkp’s recommendation to call support, just be aware that you may come across an issue with your account which is preventing the sync. I had that exact same problem, and support initially wanted me to delete everything and start over.

If that happens, request your incident to be escalated because this can be resolved without annihilating everything and starting over. A word of warning though. If you have just a few devices, it may not be too bad; but if you’re like me with over a couple hundred devices, it’s worth the agony of going through the manipulation of creating, deleting, and moving accounts, and rebuilding integrations like Alexa and anything using your Samsung account.

If I remember right, in a nutshell you’ll have to create a new Samsung account, coordinate with ST support to move your stuff to the new account, delete the old account, and then redo anything that was using the old account (IDE, Alexa, Github integration, etc.). There a few other things that happened, but I can’t remember offhand right now. It won’t be pretty, but it’s less effort depending on how many devices you have.

And then finally, don’t be disappointed when you finally get the new app synced and you realize WTF is going on. :slight_smile: There are plenty of other discussions in the Community about that… LOL.

EDIT : Just in case they say escalation isn’t possible and what you’re asking isn’t possible, have ST support reference ticket #684233. That was mine and it shows them it is possible and exactly what steps to do, including the analyst I worked with. Be persistent.


Thanks guys for your replies. Raised a ticket.

If they can’t do a simple fix this might be the final nail in the coffin for ST and will prompt a move to Hubitat.

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I was in that same boat:

I am new to ST’s. I came from Iris. I installed all of my devices, all of my scenes, and all of my automations in the new App. I downloaded the Classic App too. Everything shows up there and I can operate all of my devices from either app. The one thing I found out though is the Smart Home Monitor does not sync. If you turn on your alarm in the classic it will show disabled in the new so you have to make sure you use one or the other and that you set up devices to initiate and control in both App’s. The other thing you can’t do is start a camera to record from a door contact or a motion sensor besides the one on the camera in the new app, but you can in the classic. So I had to use the classic app to do that. I also had to use the classic app to make a button arm or disarm my security. You can’t do that in the new app either. These two things are the only thing I do in the new app.

I don’t see SHM in new app. Raised a ticket.

SHM are two completely separate apps in both the Classic and STSC. You would need to install SHM in STSC by going to Add Automation. But as I pointed out, SHM are two separate apps, changes to SHM in one app is not reflected in the other. This generally trips users up when they trigger an alert and clear it in one app but forget they need to clear the alert in the other app.

Also, depending on what region you live… it may not be available in your region

I can’t see SHM in new app. Emailed support they say it should be there. Is it region based? New Zealand. How do I change country to check? Can someone else confirm?

They did the fix and now all my devices are finally showing in STSC (i.e. synced with what’s showing in Classic)

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I dint have drive issue, can see all my devices but dont have the option to add SHM when I click on Add Automation.

Really frustrating that the two apps are not in sync. Like others classic works but I just can’t get audio to play through speakers on the new app. All of my devices are there but SHM has different statuses on each app, this needs to be fixed.

SHM is completely different in each app. They work independently and don’t talk to each other. You would generally decide whether you want to use SHM in Classic or the new app, but not both.

Everyone has different choices. You can use both as long as you are aware they are separate.

Choice is good!