SHM just randomly can I find out why?

I’ve just had a text and notification from ST in middle of day. It was a SHM saying motion detected.

I checked and SHM was armed (stay), and my mode was in night.

I have a routine to run at 5:30am that disarms SHM, sets mode to home.

I’ve looked at notifications and messages and there’s nothing in there to say why the mode changed, or why SHM armed.

Anyone help?

Scheduler issue me thinks

I have a “work” Rule Machine rule that hasn’t worked completely all week (not all lights came on). It was set for daily - weekdays. Guess what decided to work this morning at 6:03am by turning on my bedroom lamp?

…anyway…good morning to you too samrtthings

This is my advice.
If you are not using the scout alarm system with ST, completely uninstall SHM and the ST routines.

Then, using Rule Machine, recreate your routines there.

You can create a rule to change your mode and send you notifications.

Another user recently did this, but she used other apps.

You can set up a rule to work during a certain time, for instance, when every one is away. It can monitor your doors and windows and if one is opened during that time that you are away, it sends an intruder alert.

The reason I say strip using the SHM and ST routines is because I’m not using either and I have not had these major issues to the extent of everyone else n

I’m not using scout alarm thing no. It’s only happened one, don’t really want to uninstall as Sat and Samsung seem to be pushing SHM as a main thing for ST.

I do use rule machine though. Can’t understand why ST doesn’t have something like this inbuilt

SHM has known issues where it won’t disarm sometimes right now. Happens once a week for me.