SHM not arming or disarming anymore

So since Tuesday SHM stopped disarming first and now today I noticed that it didn’t arm when we left this morning. It’s set to Arm when everyone leave and disarm when someone arrives. I noticed this evening that ST app shows as us arriving but then SHM stays armed.
So basically the routine is not triggering on arrival or departure as I’ve got GoodBye and I’m back set up to execute in departure of everyone and arrival of someone for I’m back. Anyone ideas where to start troubleshooting?

If you’ve not changed anything or added anything new lately; I would try just re-saving your routines to kick them back into life.

Else you’ll need to get SmartThings support to look into your account and find out what’s going on.



Looks like it’s thr presence sensor not triggering the routine as I tested the routine with a door window sensor and it worked. Called Samsung they advised to delete the routines and recreate. It’s a bit hard to test as everyone is to leave for it to work. I have deleted the I’m back and re created. Will check what happens when I get home.

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Still the same. Got home, app showed my presence as arrived but routine I’m back didn’t run. :frowning: